Help for Ukrainian refugees in Finland

Help for Ukrainian refugees in Finland


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Ukrainian Help Center In Helsinki

Tue-Fri 10:00-16:00 and Sat 10:00-13:30, Teollisuuskatu 9F

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Help Center for Ukrainians in Helsinki
Local groups on social networks and help points for Ukrainians
Ukrainian Embassy in Finland


🇬🇧 А humanitarian initiative by the Association of Ukrainians in Finland. What do we do?

We work with refugees who arrive in Finland or are on their way to Finland. we coordinate our joint efforts with volunteers, government agencies, and civil society in Finland

We collect humanitarian aid for refugees as well as for people who are in need in Ukraine.

We transport goods to the Polish-Ukrainian border for further distribution in Ukraine.

We collect financial assistance for refugees and NGOs in Ukraine. For this purpose, we have a Finnish fundraising license.

To do all this work we collaborate with Finnish, Ukrainian, Polish, and other NGO’s, government agencies, businesses, and hundreds of volunteers

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