Warning about scammers

Some scammers offer non-existing jobs on behalf of well-known Finnish companies to steal your money and personal information. There are also attempts to attract Ukrainian women to sex trafficking through social media channels.

How do you reveal the fraud?

  • Scammers might ask for a commission to get you a job. Remember, you don’t have to pay anyone to get a job!
  • Check the contact information of the person who offers you a job. In Finland, employers usually have a work email that ends with @companyname.fi. For example, if the HR from Valio texts you, a message will look like firstname.secondname@valio.fi. If you are not sure, you can always go to the company’s official website and check the position details or contact information.
  • The announced salary is too high. You can check the salary distribution in Finland based on occupation here. If the “employee” offers you too high a salary regardless of your experience and language skill, you should consider it suspicious behavior.

These company names: Huhtamaki, Luhta, Paulig, Sinebrychoff, and Valio are often used in fake job offers.

Better use the official sources for job searching in Finland, such as TE-toimisto. If you need a free consultation about work-related stuff, please contact Kysymys Piste.

If you think you have been exploited, please contact Ihmiskauppa. They are a Finnish authority that can provide you with safe accommodation, protection, health services, guidance, and help in legalizing your stay in Finland.

Work permit

If you fled Ukraine and applied for temporary protection in Finland, you have the right to work as soon as you register your application at the police or border control. After applying, the police or border control will give you a printed certificate proving your right to work. Your right to work is unrestricted, meaning that you can find employment in any field. Read more on Migri.

Checklist for job search

  1. Apply for temporary protection or asylum. If you have applied for temporary protection, you can work in Finland immediately after applying. If you have applied for asylum, you will be able to work after three months from the date of application, if you have a passport; or after six months if you do not have a passport.
  2. See the handbook “Foreign Workers in Finland”. It describes your rights as an employee: working hours, wages, overtime pay, vacations, health care, insurance, etc.
  3. Check The ABC guide to working in Finland.
  4. Find a job
  5. Open a bank account to receive a salary
  6. Ask your employer or union for a copy of the collective agreement in your area. Make sure that the terms of your employment contract (for example, wages) are not worse than those set out in the collective agreement.
  7. Always sign a written employment contract.
  8. Get a tax card. Learn about the Finnish tax system.
  9. Join the union. Your union will help you in case of problems with the employer, and you will be able to join the unemployment insurance fund. You can find your union here.
  10. Get a residence permit based on employment (instead of temporary protection).
  11. In case of problems at work, consult a labor protection authority (tyosuojelu).

Where to look for a job?

Finnish national employment service. On their website, you can find open vacancies and plan for search, selection, and employment with a TE-toimisto employee. Also, you will find comprehensive information on training/internships and social support for the period of unemployment.

We recommend registering as a job seeker at TE-toimisto (after getting a residence permit). This way, employers can find you and offer you a job. You can do this online or by visiting the TE-toimisto office.

Until the end of August 2022, at TE-toimisto offices in Kamppi, Espoo, Vantaa, and Hyvinkä, you can get a free consultation about job search in Ukrainian and Russian. The service is available without prior registration at the lobbies. Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 9.00–16.00.

Russian- or Ukrainian-speaking employees

TE-toimisto national telephone services also provide general advice on employment and TE-toimisto services. Lines are open Mon-Fri, 09.00–16.15:

Employs Ukrainians across the country. If you are interested in cleaning, agriculture, restaurant business, or metalworking, write them an e-mail jobsforukraine@rtkhenkilostopalvelu.fi, +358 44 200 0645.

One of the largest staffing firms in Finland. They also joined the "Safety through Work" initiative to help Ukrainian refugees find work. Details here.

A job search company in Finland. They will help find housing, place children in school or kindergarten, and register documents for living and working in Finland.

Oikotie Työpaikat helps Ukrainians find work in Finland. These vacancies are for refugees from Ukraine. You can find them on the search page labeled jobsforukraine.

Due to the situation in Ukraine, they created a page where they collect remote jobs.

The world's largest professional social network. You can use LinkedIn to find a job or internship. It has a great variety of English positions and is widespread in Finland.

Offers recruitment services for young professionals in technical specialties, information technology, and construction. It is perfect for university graduates and beginners. You can find job descriptions there in English.

A non-profit organization that helps newcomers find a job, start a business, and set up a professional network in Finland. Fill out this form, and they will help you. If you have any questions, write to them by e-mail: info@startuprefughes.com

Helps refugees from Ukraine find work in Finland in various sectors. They also have employment opportunities that do not require the Finnish language.

Has vacancies in Finnish companies. If you are interested in a certain position, you can send your CV (preferably in English) to Hello@advicera.org

Browse job opportunities in international companies ready to support people living in or displaced from Ukraine.

Through Planet Heroes you can help others or ask for support.

Jobs without knowledge of Finnish or English

Without knowledge of English or Finnish, jobs are available mainly in agriculture, cleaning, or construction. Vacancies in cleaning companies SOL and ISS. Read here and here about seasonal work in Finnish agriculture.


The recruitment agency RekryDiili (Hämeenkatu 28, 33210 Tampere) assists with employment in Finland. You can contact them by phone at 0401960779 (Svetlana, Ukrainian language).

Get acquainted with the business life of Finnish municipalities. Here you will find the largest employers in each municipality, the companies with the highest turnover, the fastest growth rates, and newly established companies.

For the architects and students

Are you a student or a professional working in architecture and fleeing the war in Ukraine? Are you looking to work and relocate to Finland, even temporarily? SAFA have collected a network of Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking colleagues. They also publish contact info and details of Finland-based architects and planning offices willing to offer work-related help for architects and students in need of help due to the war in Ukraine. Please check the details here.

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